Snowdon Park is 460 acres of wetland and forest preserve established through the cooperation of the Township of Minden Hills and the Haliburton Highlands Field Naturalists. For a copy of the Snowdon Park Brochure, click here.


The entrance roadway is located 0.3 km south of the junction of Gelert Road (County Rd 1) and South Lake Road (County Road 16). Then proceed 0.7 km westward off the Gelert Road along the entrance roadway to the kiosk. Click here for directions.


Walk the Brenda Ann Chambers Trail System. A self-guided*, level route through an upland mixed forest. The main Wetland Trail is about 3 km in length. There are several short side trails and loops. Along the route are excellent examples of a large fen complex, a swamp hardwood forest and wetlands, including a shallow open water marsh adjacent to a viewing platform.  Users of the trail are advised to wear appropriate footwear, especially in wet times of the year. Boardwalks have been constructed to ensure the protection of the ground surface and natural water flows.


Although most people will visit Snowdon Park during the summer and fall months, there are things to be seen at all times of the year.


We encourage you to visit Snowdon Park throughout the year including on snowshoes in the winter.


In the often harsh months of winter, there are animals that frequent the wetlands and forests, as evidenced by tracks in the snow. Moose have been observed walking across the fen. Muskrats, when they emerge from their homes, become vulnerable to predators including owls and foxes.


In the spring, many migrant birds arrive, and in the evenings the mating calls of frogs and toads fill the air.


To read and/or print the Snowdon Park Brochure, click here.





Snowdon Park Entrance Sign


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The trails are easy to moderate in difficulty with a wooden deck lookout at the pond near the entrance to the trails.

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Snowdon Park List of Animals Brochure

Click above title to see the lists of Mammals, Amphibians & Reptiles, Fishes, and Birds to be found in Snowdon Park as compiled by D.A. Smith.

These two pages may be printed back to back and folded to a brochure.


Snowdon Park Plant Checklist

Click above title to see a provisional list of the plant species to be found in Snowdon compiled by Brenda Chambers, Bill Crins and Lorraine & Don Smith.

These two pages may be printed back to back and folded twice to create a brochure.