Reasons why you and your family should join the Haliburton Highlands Field Naturalists:

Because itís fun!


You and your family will learn about nature, and how to enjoy it without harming the environment.


You can experience some of your favourite outdoor activities with others who share your interests.


You will find out about wildlife sightings and natural events that others in the community have witnessed.


You will look at the world from a different perspective, up close and personal with the outdoors either in person or through invited speakers with video presentations and discussions.


You will find out about serious issues that are affecting our environment, and things that you can do to be a voice for Nature


You will have the opportunity to learn about other naturalist and environmental groups in the province and across Canada.

Membership in HHFN


Annual dues are $25.00 for individuals, and $40.00 for families.


Please send fees along with the information in the box below

Or Click to bring up an application form to print and mail to:


HHFN Membership

c/o Box 977,

Haliburton, ON

K0M 1S0



September 30th is the annual renewal date.


Click on the envelope to send an email regarding membership.









Pitcher Plant



White Fringed Orchis



Great Spangled Fritillary